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River Tiger Equestrian Podcast with Dynamics Coaching

Marianne Davies

Do you want to improve your riding, relationship and confidence with your horse? The River Tiger equestrian podcast aims to explore how we can develop and nurture our unique relationship with these wonderful animals. Join us as we engage in curious unscripted conversations with practitioners and researchers in the fields of learning, skill acquisition, movement sciences, ethics, and all things equestrian. Our mission is to bring evidence based research and theory to life in a way that is engaging, fun and practical.
Moving forward: Can youth and equestrian sports become more child and horse centred?November 28, 2022 Episode artwork Part 2. Biotensegrity and the horse-human partnership: a conversation with authors Susan Lowell de Solorzano and Maren Diehl. November 14, 2022 Episode artwork Biotensegrity and the horse-human partnership: a conversation with authors Susan Lowell de Solorzano and Maren Diehl. Part 1.November 08, 2022 Episode artwork All things Flow! Exploring flow states with David Farrokh and Equestrian coach Maddi Burchell.October 22, 2022 Episode artwork For the love of horses. A conversation with Ecuyer, Georges Dewez from Carreg Dressage.October 09, 2022 Episode artwork Planning for performance; being adaptive within performance: A conversation with Craig Morris and Richard Seals.September 24, 2022 Episode artwork What is representative learning design (RLD) and why is it important? A conversation with Dr Alex Lascu and Jane Randall.September 02, 2022 Episode artwork Improve your coaching and practice design for jumping with Katie Williams and Mia Palles-Clark.August 28, 2022 Episode artwork Embracing uncertainty and a response-ability to the experiences of others (human and non-human). A conversation with Dr Carl Woods.August 08, 2022 Episode artwork Journal Club #1 How can 'performance analysis' support our riding and coaching? Researcher Dr Jane Williams discusses the practical implications with showjumper and coach Emma Slater.July 30, 2022 Episode artwork Developments in gait analysis that help identify pain related asymmetry could support your training and coaching, with Eva Marunova.July 20, 2022 Episode artwork Exploring how and why we need to become 'learning environment designers' for our horses, with Kathy Sierra.July 03, 2022 Episode artwork Overview of 'Can't jump, won't jump.'June 25, 2022 Episode artwork 'Can't jump, won't jump!' Reflections on considering an ecological approach to coaching with Warren Lamperd.June 25, 2022 Episode artwork 'If the horse (or child) can't say no, saying yes is meaningless.' Exploring agency with Mia Palles-Clark and Stuart Armstrong.May 28, 2022 Episode artwork Exploring a constraints-led approach in equestrian coaching with Jane RandallMay 02, 2022 Episode artwork Calibration: How do horses and riders become attuned to each other and their environments? A conversation with Dr James Stafford and Warren Lamperd.April 18, 2022 Episode artwork