The River Tiger Podcast

Improve your coaching and practice design for jumping with Katie Williams and Mia Palles-Clark.

August 28, 2022 Marianne Davies Season 1 Episode 10
The River Tiger Podcast
Improve your coaching and practice design for jumping with Katie Williams and Mia Palles-Clark.
Show Notes

Two very experienced coaches join me to chat about coaching behaviours and practice design for improving jumping. You'll find this episode is filled with practical tips and ideas to support your coaching and get the most out of your practice.

My guests this week are:
Katie Williams is a former international event rider, having ridden successfully to 4* level and produced many horses through the grades. Nowadays Katie is a full-time coach and has helped clients achieve success at every level up to international 4* eventing and including GB Junior, YR and Pony team trials and National Championships, BE Regional Youth Championships and Badminton Grassroots Championships. 

Katie is a BECC Level 4 Eventing Coach, and in 2021 graduated as an MSc in Professional Sports Coaching with Distinction. In 2018 she was one of only four eventing coaches to be selected for the BEF cross discipline Youth Pathway Coaching Programme, designed for coaches working with talented young riders within performance pathways. Katie has also completed the Centre 10 Gold level Applied Psychology for Equestrian Coaches Programme, is a BHS Senior Coach in Complete Horsemanship (Reg) and is on the national list of Pony Club Recommended Specialist Eventing Coaches. Katie holds private coaching sessions and regular training clinics both at home in Monmouthshire and across the country.
 Find Katie on her  FaceBook page.

Mia Palles-Clarke can be found on Instagram @miapallesclark. Mia is a level 4 coach and coach educator with British Showjumping and runs her own coaching business Coach Mia  Empowering Equestrians, Mia Palles-Clark International Showjumping Coach. 
In addition to coaching individual riders, Mia has been the England Home Pony Chef d’Equipe since 2017. Bringing home numerous gold medals and developing the young riders to cope with the stresses and complexities that arise from these competitions and selection processes. She also coaches the British Army showjumping team, developing ability, strategy and team ethos.
You can also find Mia on FaceBook
Mia has just been selected as part of the British team for the European championships for veterans (as a rider) and we wish her the best of luck!